Frequently asked questions

Have a simple question? It might be in our FAQ. Check below for our most frequently asked questions.

Is it easy to use the Headsets?

The HTC Vive Focus 3 are very easy to use, especially combined with the SpringboardVR Software.


When you arrive for the first time you'll be given a Briefing on how all the equipment works and if you have any questions we're there for you with an easy to use "Call Button" within the Virtual Environment.

I'm not really a "Gamer", is this for me?

Virtual Reality is for everyone, from the Hardcore Gamers to the First Time Users. There's so many types of experiences to be had within VR, the games range from Shoot'em Ups to Escape Rooms and a range of Virtual Experiences that will show you the power of VR. If you're bored of being stuck on Planet Earth, why not head into space and have a go at flying around in Zero G? The possibilties really are endless!

Are there age restrictions?

We have a general age restriction of 10+ for all VR Experiences, children aged 10-14 must also have adult supervision and any child 14-18 must have a waiver signed prior to starting.


Please also check for each experience as some have different age restrictions based on content. We also apply filters for our Arcade Library of games and also LAN Gaming.

What types of Games and Experiences are there?

We're trying to cater to everyone at Free Space, so the games range from your standard "Shoot'em Ups" with Zombies and Robots to some really amazing "Problem Solving" and "Mystery" adventure games that allow you to explore some truly epic environments. We also have a range of Experiences to cater to the Non-Gamers including our Nature Treks which allows you explore different environments, our Haunter Mansion Experiences and more!

I've heard that Virtual Reality can be very disorientating and cause nausea?

In the past VR Headsets suffered from bad "Lag", that was the time between you doing something and it being reflected in the headset which could cause Disorientation and Nausea, these days the Lag has been reduced to being barely noticeable and thusly these problems have almost entirely disappeared.


If you're still worried, why not pop in and have a free 15minute trial and find out for yourself though?


Personally, I find the most disorientating thing is returning back to the real world and remembering that everything that just happened was just a game!

Can I come in give it a try before committing?

Yes! You absolutely can, we're happy to give you a free 15min tutorial and we're sure it'll leave you wanting more.

Do you offer memberships?

We will be transitioning to a new membership scheme where all customers will be signed up as members on arrival, this is completely free of charge.

There's a Game or some VR Hardware I really want to try, do you have it?

Probably not, otherwise you wouldn't be asking! But if there's something you've heard about that you think would be really awesome then let ust know, we're here to give you the best experience by giving you, the customers, want you want.


So why not just send us an email or get in touch on Facebook and we'll see what we can do.

Gift someone an experience of a lifetime

Get them one of our amazing gift cards and have them choose their own experience. It's a gift that anyone is sure to enjoy!

Get a Gift Card

How does the Pricing work?

To keep things simple we charge a single hourly rate with discounts for hiring more 2 or more hours at a time and for getting multiple stations


At Free Space we feel that Virtual Reality is best enjoyed with a couple of friends to share the experience and yes, the cost as well, whether that's sharing a Station or Hiring a couple of Stations together so bring your Friends/Mates/Mortal Enemies to get the most out of it.


Please see our main page for our current prices and deals.

Are the headsets Hygenic?

Yes! Your hygiene is a top concern of ours, Virtual Reality can get a bit sweaty as it involves a bit of moving around, the Headsets have non-porous cushioning that gets wiped down with Anti-Bacterial Wipes after each use as well as the controllers. At the stations you'll also find hand wash and wipes if you need it during a session.

How does a Session work?

Simply book in using our Online Booking System, Call us, Send a message through Facebook, throw up some Smoke Signals or get out your signalling mirror and let us know when you'd like to come in. You can provide your payment details online before you arrive and we'll charge those details on your arrival (Incase you can't make it for some reason).


Once you've arrived and payment is done, you'll be given a short briefing on the equipment, this time is seperate from your playtime so you get the maximum benefit. You'll get shown the equipment, how it works and have a chance to ask any burning questions but we think you'll find it pretty user friendly and be inside in no time!


Please try to arrive on time, we recommend at least 15minutes before your scheduled time as late arrival may affect how much time is available due other bookings. If you do arrive late, don't stress, we'll do our best to make sure you get your full time.

Do I need to book?

We encourage people to book to make sure there's a space available for you, but you're always welcome to Pop in anytime during our opening hours and we'll do our best to accommodate you or set up a booking.

Do you do Group Bookings such as Birthday Parties?

We absolutely do! You can book out the entire venue or a few stations for a couple of hours for you and a bunch of your friends to use as much as you like. There are Sofas for people to relax in and TVs setup at all the stations so everyone else can spectate whilst they wait for a turn as well.


The venue has 7 Room-Scale Stations this allows up to 7 people to be playing Simultaneously and we'd recommend keeping the total number of Party Goers to less than 21 due to spacing.

Are glasses a problem?

Nope, the headsets are made to accommodate glasses and are adjustable as such. Some people to find fogging can be a slight issue so we recommend contact lenses if you can as you'll find them far more comfortable whilst using the Headsets.

What equipment do you use?

We use the latest HTC Vive Focus 3 which are state of the art wireless VR Headsets. We couple these with high performance Gaming PCs where required!

Can I BYO Food and Drinks?

We have a range of drinks and snacks available to purchase at the Arcade but you are also welcome to BYO, we have lots of great options in the complex that we highly recommend you try! You're also welcome to BYO Food and Drinks for Events!

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